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How you can help

We are asking you and your friends to join our campaign to compel the city and county to take steps that will result in housing for thousands of people.

We need the city of San Jose and County of Santa Clara residents to relentlessly inundate elected officials with emails, letters and phone calls. We will do this in an organized fashion to maximize the impact.

We need your help by:

  1. Take action—from your computer or phone—when you receive an email asking you to send an email or call each week
  2. Participate in periodic Zoom organizing meetings
  3. Contact up to 10 friends and get them to participate in the email / calling campaigns
  4. Be an outreach leader inviting other groups and individuals to join
  5. Join the organizing team

Join the Action Team

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Call and email the Mayor and City Council, and the Board of Supervisors
Here’s a sample message you can personalize with your own words:
Mayor Liccardo,
I strongly support the EMERGENCY INTERIM HOUSING COMMUNITIES being developed by the City. The homeless crisis demands action.
Your name

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
Look up your district number

District 1 Sylvia Arenas 408-299-5010
District 2 Cindy Chavez 408-299-5020
District 3 Otto Lee 408-299-5030
District 4 Susan Ellenberg 408-299-5040
District 5 Joe Simitian 408-299-5050

San José Mayor and City Council

Mayor Matt Mahan 408-535-4800
District 1 Rosemary Kamei 408-535-4901
District 2 Sergio Jimenez 408-535-4902
District 3 Omar Torres 408-535-4903
District 4 David Cohen 408-535-4904
District 5 Peter Ortiz 408-535-4905
District 6 Devora “Deb” Davis 408-535-4906
District 7 Bien Doan 408-535-4907
District 8 Domingo Candelas 408-535-4908
District 9 Pam Foley 408-535-4909
District 10 Arjun Batra 408-535-4910

(408) 538-1503  •  421 Sautner Driver   •   San Jose  •  CA  •  95123   •  USA

Villages of Hope Silicon Valley is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to Villages of Hope Silicon Valley are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Our tax identification number is: 84-3990014.

Does your employer offer matching funds? Please ask them to match your donation.