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Support San Jose City
Emergency Interim Housing Communities

In a real attempt to provide lower cost interim shelter/housing for the homeless,

San Jose is constructing three village-type projects for the homeless.


Potential residents homed in Bernal/Monterey (District 2)

Potential residents homed in Rue Ferrari/101 (District 2)

Potential residents homed in Evans Lane (serving families in District 6)

Villages of Hope Silicon Valley wholeheartedly supports these efforts by the City. While we think less elaborate and less expensive projects would enable more people to benefit, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Advocates for the homeless need to take action now

Opponents are flooding the mayor and city council with letters and calls protesting the projects. 

Raise your voices! 

Call and email the Mayor and City Council

Here’s a sample message you can personalize with your own words:

Mayor Liccardo,

I strongly support the EMERGENCY INTERIM HOUSING COMMUNITIES being developed by the City. The homeless crisis demands action.


Your name

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What’s my district?

Mayor Sam Liccardo
mayoremail@sanjoseca.gov, 408-535-4800

District 1 – Vice Mayor Chappie Jones
district1@sanjoseca.gov, 408-535-4901

District 2 – Sergio Jimenez
district2@sanjoseca.gov, 408-535-4902

District 3 – Raul Peralez
district3@sanjoseca.gov, 408-535-4903

District 4 – Lan Diep
district4@sanjoseca.gov, 408-535-4904

District 5 – Magdalena Carrasco
district5@sanjoseca.gov, 408-535-4905

District 6 – Dev Davis
district6@sanjoseca.gov, 408-535-4906

District 7 – Maya Esparza
district7@sanjoseca.gov, 408-535-4907

District 8 – Sylvia Arenas
district8@sanjoseca.gov, 408-535-4908

District 9 – Pam Foley
district9@sanjoseca.gov, 408-535-4909

District 10 – Johnny Khamis
district10@sanjoseca.gov, 408-535-4910

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